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04/29/2021 Draftkings MLB News and Notes


Slate Overview:

  • Early: 4 Games

  • Main: 5 Games

  • Weather Concerns

  • NYY @ BAL - Rain concerns, Wind blowing out to right center 8-12 MPH

  • PHI @ STL - Wind blowing from left to right 10-15 MPH

  • 1st photo includes pitching data from 2020 & 2021.

  • 2nd photo is only 2021 pitching data. Hitting metrics are only 2021 in both.

  • Thoughts on the early slate:

  • No one wakes up excited to play Jorge Lopez, if you know someone that does please check up on them BUT he offers extreem leverage on a uber chalk Yankees team.


  • Will have some up for main


Home Run Call(s):

  • Austin Hayes -Hayes in an extremely small sample size of 13 AB's had 2 HR's a .538 ISO and .846 SLG against LHP in 2021, Camden is the 8th best park in the league for LHH's to hit HR's in over the past 5 years and Montgomery is giving up a 1.66 HR/9.

  • Gleyber Torres - (I hate BvP or BvT but this is just wild) Its almost a meme at this point but if you took out the Orioles from Torres his stat lines would take a major hit, in 43 games against the Orioles Torres is hitting .349 with 51 hits, 16 HRs, 35 RBI's and 32 runs.



  • NYY

  • HOU


  • SEA - Luis Garcia's 5.46xFIP, 4.63 SIERA imply that hes been getting pretty lucky in this small sample size so far.