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Magic Vs Wizards

First thing's first if Beal sits I have no interest in Orlando, including McRae. Everyone is priced up to the point where I don’t like them. If Beal plays and is not restricted he is way too cheap at 8.7k I don’t care who that matchup is up against. On the Magic side if Gordon misses again I like Ross again it’s a good spot for him. He did soil vs Atlanta, but you can’t let one game dictate what happens in the next. If Aaron Gordon plays I think him and Vuc are fine plays. Trying to only talk about the important games so from the Knicks and Blazers game I like Whiteside he is still pretty cheap and I don’t by into the Melo narrative you will hear about tomorrow.

Timberwolves Vs Bucks

This game is where all the value is, the first thing I want to say is that I do think this game blows out so I have no interest in any Bucks, unless Bledsole is not on a minutes limit. For the wolves Graham is questionable, Towns is out, Wiggins is out, Teague is doubtful so he is basically out, and Vonleh is questionable. Napier is priced at 5.8k and I love him. He will be the main guy for the team, you don’t have to worry about a guy like Teague cutting into his minutes, and they are short on players so a blowout doesn’t make me worry about Napier's minutes. I can realistically see him going for 40 fantasy points tomorrow which is over 10x, he is my favorite play from the team. Covington is priced at 5.7k he is my second favorite player from this team. The one thing Covington loves to do is shoot 3s and that's actually one of the Bucks weaknesses, guarding the 3 point line. I wouldn't be shocked if he takes over 10 threes against the Bucks tomorrow. Dieng is 6.4k and I wouldn’t fade him UNLESS VONLEH IS IN. if Vonleh is in he’s actually a guy who can come in and cut into his minutes. If this game does blowout Vonleh will probably steal minutes from Dieng as well. Only value guys I like is really Kelan Martin, he’s only 4k and unlike Okgoie he will actually shoot the ball. I also like Culver at his price point and he should be blowout proof since he is a rookie.

Suns Vs Lakers

Everyone is just priced stupid cheap in this game. Lebron and AD at 9.9 and 10.3 is pretty cheap and should be affordable with the value tomorrow. Both players get a pace up spot and I think are fine plays. On the Suns side Booker has been killing it as of late and is only priced at 7.4k. The matchup for the Suns is not the best, but no matter what the matchup is Booker should never be 7.4k. If Ayton is off of his minutes restriction at only 6k he is too cheap and same goes with Rubio 7k is pretty cheap for a guy with 40-45 point upside.

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