Celtics Vs Wizards

Hello everyone glad to finally be back! First off just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed me last year, my page grew a lot bigger and faster than I thought it would. Let's make 2020 our best year of DFS yet! On the Celtics side Kemba has been ruled out already. Now you guys know I love to stack against the Wizards and with Kemba missing I have a lot of interest in these Boston guys. To start off Marcus Smart at 5.2k is just too cheap love the play especially with no Kemba. Tatum and Brown are priced up pretty high but I don’t mind taking a shot at them in gpps with them playing heavy minutes and going up against Washington. Wizards are an interesting team because Beal and Ian are questionable and they just waived 2 players from the roster, one being a starter in Jonathan Williams. If Beal misses McRae gets a huge boost, but at 5.7k against a good defensive team I consider McRae more of a gpp play than cash. It’s really hard to say who I like on Washington without the injury news, but if Ian and Beal play they are fine in both cash and gpp as long as they are not restricted. If they both miss it’s hard to say who even plays center for the Wizards at this point, but Troy Brown jr. is a fine play and ish and IT are splitting minutes, but 4.1k I don’t mind Isaiah. (Putting this here for Magic Vs Nets since I don’t have much interest in the game, Vucevic is a really good play in cash or gpp and Jarret Allen a fine play for gpp with his price point down to 5.4k.)

Thunder Vs 76ers

Thunder side I like Chris Paul, 76ers are a good defensive team, especially vs guards. However it is a pace up spot for the Thunder and Cp3 has been playing some of his best basketball recently so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go for 5x in what should be a competitive game. On the Philly side Tobias Harris is only 6.4k, pretty cheap for a guy who plays in the high 30 minute range, can score 25-30 real points, and gets time at the 4 which helps him get a ton of boards. Al Horford at 5.4k is also affordable, but I would say he is more of a gpp play than cash. 76ers haven't utilized Horford to his fullest and he has expressed displeasure with his role. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the 76ers get him more involved at the offensive end as the season continues. Tobias and Al are fine, however I wouldn’t play both one or the other.

Nuggets Vs Hawks

Another great spot for Jokic, but it's hard for me to get to him with how inconsistent he has been this year. A main reason for it is that Jokic has not been playing that many minutes. In most of his games it’s rare to see him get over 31-32 minutes and if this game is not close and blows out he will probably see 27-28. I think Jokic is fine for tournaments, but risky in cash. Garry Harris at 4.5k is also a good value don’t mind him. Not big on the Hawks even if Collins sits because everyone has been priced up and it’s a major pace down spot for them against a good defensive team.

Jazz Vs Pelicans

Donovan Mitchell is in a really good spot vs the Pelicans, which is a pace up spot vs one of the lower tier defensive teams in the league. The thing that worried me about Mitchell with no Conley on the court was that his assist numbers weren’t really going up, but that has changed recently. In his last 5 out of 6 games he has gotten 6 plus assist. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him get a double double tomorrow. Gobert at 7.9k is also a fine play. New Orleans strug