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1/15 Draftkings LoL DFS

Basic LoL DFS Overview:

The LCS is finally back and the BO1 format is amazing for GPP's imo. League is a very snowball (momentum) oriented game and thats a thing that I don't think bettors and DFS players fully grasp, when another team scores a touchdown in the NFL it doesn't make it any harder for the opposing team to score and this makes scoring an isolated event unlike league where getting ahead in gold or kills will have compmounding effects. *we love this for BO1's* generally the better team will win in a BO3 (unless you're TES for the first 2 series lul). So the combination of BO1 games and the snowball effect drastically increases the variance of every slate.

When stacking the General rule of thumb you want to follow is a 4-3 stack, with 4 players from one (ideally your captian being one of them) and then a three stack which includes 2 players and the team slot. For larger GPP's 4-2-1, and 3-2-2 are popular (in a 3-2-2 you want one of the 2 stacks to be either the support or top paired with the team slot, and with the 4-2-1 usually you want to focus on a top or hard carry for the 1 spot. In your captian spot I strongly recomend using an ADC/MID/JG, sometimes supports and tops can get there but its few and far inbetween.

Todays Slate:

100T (Even) v TSM (-140) o/u 25.2

  • An absolute banger of a game to start the season on, TSM has and will always be a fan favorite and this will garner extra ownership and I believe that they will be the second highest owned team on the slate.

  • If we are going to get 100T at the 4th or 5th highest ownership I love that for GPP's while it will be a great matchup I think it will be a coin flip that will be decided on how well Lost (TSM's ADC) performs in his first LCS start.

  • Ssumday makes for a great one off, and Ssumday,FBI,Huhi make for a nice mini stack.

  • If you want the TSM side of things focus on PoE, Spica, Swordart.

CLG (+315) v Liquid(-500) o/u 25.5

  • Broxah (CLG's Jungler) will be missing this game because of visa issues.

  • I am already pretty low on CLG this year and Broxah's absence wont help especially when they are going up against one of the top 2 teams in TL.

  • I don't usually do this but I am probably completly ignoring CLG in tournaments (watch them break the slate now).

  • Santorin (TL's Jungler) will also be missing the action today because of visa issues, the entierity of their team is playable though imo.

C9 (-315) v EG (+220) o/u 26.5

  • C9 will be without a doubt the highest owned team on the slate, and with good reason. Last year they dominated the first half of the season and when they win they usually win big.

  • I would prioritize 4 members of C9 in cash.

  • Fudge will probably get the lowest amount of ownership in that group, one way to differentiate on slates like this with a clear favorite is to fade the main carries (Perkz/Zven) and play the others from the team (Blaber/Fudge/Vulcan).

  • EG played gatekeeper last year (Middeling team that could beat bad teams and would usually lose to good teams) but they are an intresting GPP play today because when C9 does lose they tend to do so in glorious fashion with alot of deaths.

DIG (+205) v FlyQ(-290) o/u25.5

  • I have DIG being one fo the worst teams this year, FakeGod e.x 100T prodigy and Neo are viable in long shot lineups.

  • FlyQ will be missing their JG Josedoedoe because of visa issues, FlyQ's new roster (e.x Cloud 9 Academy) has some intresting pieces and If you were to go here I would focus on Palafox, Licorice.

Thoughts for cash:

Safe: 4 C9/ 3 TL have to go with a JG or Top CPT (Fudge/Blaber)

Higherupside but riskier: C9&TSM Can go with an ADC/Mid CPT