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NBA Notes: 10/25/19

Player pool gonna be like yesterday, looks like the way lineups are going to be created today is Stars and value plays


Karl-Anthony Towns

Nikola Jokic

Luka Doncic

Bradley Beal

Chris Paul

Kristaps Porzingis

Damian Lillard

Kyrie Irving


Robert Williams/Theis (whoever starts)

Bismack Biyombo/Hernangomez (whoever starts)

Maxi Kleber (Played 21 minutes last game (blowout and Boban got a DNP) could see him play 25 today

Richaun Holmes

Nemanja Bjelicia

Joe Ingles/Royce O'Neal (if Bojan sits)

Frank Kaminsky


Let's get into the slate breakdown today, which should be a “stars and scrubs” type up lineup. My favorite stars believe it or not are Kat and Jokic, but I probably won’t be coring either one of them. The reason is because, like I listed above we have tons of value at the PF/C spot. It makes it hard to get to either Jokic or Kat for me because i'll probably have my C, Pf, F, and UTL spot filled with value plays. Reason why I listed Kat and Jokic in my notes is because they could be good plays in tournaments, they are both in sports today that could get them 60-70 fantasy points tonight. Next person I want to talk about is Lebron, the small forward spot is probably the weakest position today. Getting Lebron into your lineups shouldn’t be hard today because of the value and just simply he is cheap, I will take LeBron at 9.5k any day against anyone. Luka and Porzingis are two other stars in a juicy spot. Both get a pace up spot and are cheap for their price tags. The battle of New York, today we see the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks matchup in what should be a highly competitive game. With no Kd Kyrie should have an insane usage, we saw what he did opening night versus the Timberwolves and drop 50 points. A guy who might go under owned today is Chris Paul. Draftkings still has him priced below 8k and he is still a guy who can get you 20+ and 10+ especially on this Thunder team. In a spot like this versus the Wizards I could easily see CP3 go for 40-50 fantasy points. Last person I will touch on is Bradley Beal. To keep it short and simple Beal is the only offense Washington really has and to top it all off we know how horrendous Okc is versus guards. Beal could be a guy who explodes for 60 fantasy points tonight. As for value plays their a ton to choose from, it just depends on how you construct your lineups.

* If you guys already aren’t remember to go ahead and follow my twitter (@Dfsriches). I will have my NBA Draftkings lineup out 30 minutes before lock, as we are trying to make it three in a row.