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10/29/19 NBA DFS NOTES

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Hawks versus Heat

This is my favorite game to find value plays, especially on the Hawks side. I love Cam Reddish he is my top value play, he should play in the mid to high twenties tonight. Another guy I like is Bembry, No Evan Turner means a minutes boost for Bembry. I also love Trae Young. He has a tough matchup vs Miami, but he just has an insane usage and should pick up an extra minute or two with Turner out. He can easily blow up for 60 fantasy points with his ceiling. On the Heat side I love Jimmy Butler and Justice Winslow. Jimmys price tag is just to cheap and Winslow in a spot where I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets a double double.

Mavericks versus Nuggets

I am not really that high on either side of this game. I feel like everyone is priced as they should be and aren’t in a position to go over value. If I was going with anyone it would be a Luka and Porzingis together in a tournament.

Grizzlies versus Lakers

Not a fan of anyone on the Memphis side beside Dillon Brooks and Jae Crowder. Since last time Memphis played a lot of the players have had a significant rise in their price tag. Clarke for example went from a 3k player to a 5k player. People like Clarke, JJJ, and Ja can still hit value easily, but with their price tags risen it lowers their ceiling and ability to go over value. Lebron and AD are my favorite stars in this slate. Believe it or not, this is actually a pace up spot for the Lakers. Memphis is actually playing at a much faster pace this season compared to other years, while the Lakers are playing at a slower pace. Nobody on Memphis should be able to hold Lebron or AD, both are in double double spots tonight.

*Remember today is a base lineup, which means I will have a lineup out at 6 pm, but most likely won’t have time to update it past that because I will be in class. Since it is a 3 gamer all the key news we are waiting for has been out so I don’t think any drastic news should drop the last hour which would make me want to change anything in my lineup. If you already aren’t my Twitter is @Dfsriches, we almost had our 2nd takedown of the year last night, just two weeks into the season!