10/8/2020 LoL DFS


So Draftkings decided to throw us a bit of a curve ball for the second round of the Group stage, Instead of doing the traditional DFS Single Matchup approach they embraced the round robin format that League is using for the games. Each team will be playing 3 times thursday and you will accrue points from all 3 games, if you have played a playoff challenge think of it like that, this will be very intresting becuase most if not all sharks will not just be able to just jam their lineups in from optimizers so we need to practice some game theory to give ourselves the advantage on this slate. Assuming that the heavy favorites are going to be priced up we have to decide where to go for value and we obviously want to focus on people who perform well in wins but also those that perform well in losses.

Slate Overview (Players in the best matchups)

Liquid (+230) v G2 (-335) | o/u28.5

  • Tatical/Broxah/Jensen

  • Perkz/Wunder/Mikyx

Machi (+305) v Suning (-500) | o/u 25.5

  • PK/Bruce

  • SofM/Huanfeng/Swordart

G2 (-550) v Machi (+335) | o/u 29.5

  • Jankos/Perks/Caps/Mikyx

  • Gemini/Bruce

Suning (-335) v Liquid (+230) | o/u 23.5

  • Bin/Huanfeng

  • Impact/Tatical

Liqid (-185) v Machi (+135) |o/u 23.5

  • Broxah/Tatical/Jensen

  • Bruce/PK/Gemini

Suning (-115) v G2 (-120) |o/u 30.5