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11/11/19 NBA DFS NOTES


Lamarcus Aldridge

Andre Drummond

Karl Anthony Towns

Russell Westbrook

Brandon Ingram

Jrue Holiday

Kawhi Leonard

James Harden


Dejounte Murray

DeMar Derozan

Enes Kanter

Jonas Valanciunas

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gobert

Donovan Mitchell

Clint Capela


Chris Boucher

Norman Powell

(Not much value yet, maybe we will get more injury news as the day goes on)


Kyle Lowry (out)

Serge Ibaka (out)

Shabazz Napier (out)

Jeff Teague (questionable)

Jordan Bell (out)

Gordon Hayward (out)

Lonzo Ball (out)

Draymond Green (Probable)

Derrick Rose/ Tim Frazier (questionable)

Timberwolves versus Pistons

Kat at 10k is a great play he easily has a 60-70 fantasy point upside every day, but probably won’t be getting to him as much today on cash games. I just love other stars and their pricing (will talk about them in the article), which makes it hard for me to fit KAT into my lineups. Pistons get a pace up spot and I still love Drummond regardless of Blake being back. Last year NBA teams had doubled Blake the entire game nearly, which freed up easy buckets for Drummond and we already know how much of a good rebounder Drummond already is. I probably wouldn’t play Drummond in cash, but he is a good tournament play.

Celtics versus Mavericks

Gonna keep this game short and simple, Boston is one of the better defensive teams so i'm not a fan of anyone on the Mavericks side. Luka can always explode for 70, but it’s not worth the risk in cash. The only person I do like from this game is Enes Kanter. Kanter is priced at 4.9k if he doesn’t have a minutes limit, or even restricted to the mid 20s I still like him. 20 minutes of Kanter can easily pay off this price tag, but we will see as the day goes on how the Celtics want to implement him tonight.

Grizzlies versus Spurs

Everyone on Memphis beside Grayson Allen should be back, so I have no interest in them, but as for the spurs side I love a couple of guys. First thing's first - not only do the Spurs have a huge pace up spot, but they are also projected to score 122 points tonight (Slate High). I love Dejounte Murray, but the only problem I have is he has a minutes limit because of the ACL injury from last year. Even with the minutes limit Murray has shown us he still has 40 point upside and a matchup versus Memphis he has that potential tonight. Lamarcus Aldridge's price is down to 6.3k, probably the lowest I have ever seen it at. Lamarcus has had some let down games this year, but at 6k he is just too cheap to pass up on especially given the matchup. I also like Rudy gay as a nice value play and DeMar Derozan, but if I had to choose between DeMar and LA in cash games I would go LA.

Rockets versus Pelicans

This is probably my favorite game of the night, it’s close between this game and the Spurs versus Grizzlies. On the Rockets side Russell Westbrook price has fell down all the way to 8.8k. I know this isn’t the OKC westbrook, but in a pace up spot versus a not so good defensive team in the Pelicans, Westbrook has triple double upside tonight. Harden is another guy I like tonight, we are finally seeing consistency with Hardens play, which is making it easier to core him at his high price tag. However I won’t be getting to Harden as much in cash tonight simply just because a lot of people are just mispriced and it’s easier to make a more balanced lineup versus a stars and scrubs one tonight (unless value opens up as the day goes on). On the Pelicans side I like Derrick Favors he finally hit that 40 point upside he has and played a season-high in minutes, but we have to remember it’s Gentry so for all we know Favors could play 19 minutes tonight. My two favorite play and probably two cash locks for me as of now are Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram. Lonzo Ball is out so both will benefit from this and not only that, but somehow Ingrams price tag fell down from his last performance. Both have 40-50 point upside, especially in a game where the total is 246, a slate high.

Jazz versus Warriors

I like Gobert and Mitchell on the Jazz side, the only thing that concerns me is a blowout. I still like Mitchell because his price tag is just too cheap and he can easily pay it off in a blowout. As for the Warriors side I like D’lo for tournaments and that's about it.

Raptors versus Clippers

Raptors side Siakam makes a good tournament play and Norman Powell and Chris Boucher are good value plays. As for the Clippers I just love Kawhi. This should be a close competitive game and not only that, but Kawhi is mispriced at 9.4k. Kawhis assist rates are up this year and he has been getting close to 50 fantasy points in almost every matchup this year the only time he wasn’t close was versus the Warriors because it was a blowout and he ended up getting 40 in 20 minutes.

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