11/12/19 NBA DFS NOTES


Domantas Sabonis

Malcom Brogdon

Andre Drummond

Joel Embiid

Rudy Gobert

Jimmy Butler

Lebron James

Anthony Davis

Damian Lillard

Donovan Mitchell

Nikola Jokic


Buddy Hield

Bam Adebayo

Richaun Holmes

RJ Barrett

Tobias Harris

Mike Conley


Rodney Hood

Jakarr Sampson

Cory Joseph

Coby White

Bruno Fernando (If Len is out and he starts)


Terrence Ferguson(out)

Myles Turner (out)

Goga (out)

Edmond Sumner (out)

Victor Oladipo (out)

Jeremy Lamb (out)

Ben Simmons (questionable)

Al Horford (out)

Justice Winslow (out)

Reggie Jackson (out)

Otto Porter Jr. (out)

Elfrid Payton (out)

Cam Reddish (questionable)

Alex Len (questionable)

Cam Reddish (probable)

Deandre Ayton (out)

Rajon Rondo (questionable)

Caris Levert (out)

De’Aaron Fox (out)

Rodney Hood (probable)

Thunder versus Pacers

I love the Pacers side of this game and have no interest in the OKC side. Pacers are missing a lot of key players tonight, which puts Brogdon and Sabonis in play. Somehow Brogdon price tag has fallen down even lower to the mid 7ks. Against an OKC team that struggles versus guards I wouldn’t be shocked to see Brogdon go for 5x on value today. A guy who I really like today and might go under the radar is Domantas Sabonis. Sabonis is priced up a little, but even at his 8.4k price tag it doesn’t scare me. In the last two games without Turner or Goga Sabonis has played 38 and 39 minutes. I expect that to continue today given that this game should stay fairly close. Jakarr Sampson makes for a good value play.

Cavaliers versus 76ers

Not a big Cleveland guy, don’t mind Love for tournaments that's about it. As for the76ers side the guy I'm debating as of now believe it or not, is Sabonis or Joel for my UTL spot on DK. now if Ben Simmons miss Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris become automatic cash locks. Frank Korkmaz makes for a good value play. If Simmons decides to play I don’t know if I will get to much of Philly tonight. It’s also key to note Al Horford is out today so whether Ben simmons plays or not I am still a big Tobias fan.

Pistons versus Heat

I know Blake Griffin is back, but seeing Andre Drummond at 8.9k is just mind blowing, I like Drummond as a nice low owned tournament play. On the Miami side I don’t know why, but Jimmy Butler is still under 8k. He is probably a cash lock for me tonight at that price could easily get 5x. Bam Adebayo is priced at 6.8k and he is playing in the high 30s in competitive games. Bam is also another guy I like if this game stays close he can smash that price tag tonight.

Knicks versus Bulls

To start off, I already know a lot of people are going to talk about Bobby Portis and his “revenge narrative” I really don’t buy into that stuff and I will definitely not be risking portis in my lineups for cash games, tournaments i'm fine with. Knicks side I have no appeal I don’t mind randle, but at his price tag I like other players better. On the Bulls side Lauri makes a good tournament play and Coby White is still one of my favorite value plays.

Hawks versus Nuggets

Nuggets play at a ridiculously slow pace, so I have no interest in the Atlanta side unless Len is ruled out and Fernando is starting. On the Nuggets side I love Jokic and I think people are going to be scared off of him. Jokic is at 8.4k, he is playing against a team who struggles versus centers, has a pace up spot, and has taken 20 plus shots in his last 2 games. Jokic is finally shooting the ball more and I wouldn’t be shocked if he has his first really big game of the year tonight.

Lakers versus Suns

I love AD and Bron for tournament play, that is really it for the Lakers side. As for Phoenix don’t like anyone tough matchup with LA being one of the better defensive teams this year. I don’t mind Rubio and Booker for tournament plays, but that's about it for this game.

Nets versus Jazz

Levert is out, which makes Temple an ok value play. Reason I say ok is because one Rodions might start, moving Prince to the 3 and Harris to the 2. Not only that but whoever ends up starting likely won’t get to close out the game, more than likely going to be the original 4 starters and Dinwiddie. Jazz get a huge pace up spot Conley, Gobert, and Mitchell are all in play. At Mitchells price I rather go to Jimmy, but for tournaments I don’t mind a pivot to a lower owned Mitchell. Nets struggle versus center I love Gobert, it’s just hard to get to him with Jokic, Joel, Bam, and Drummond either being to cheap or in smash spots. Mike conley is a guy who I like for cash games should be able to easily hit value at his price tag versus the Nets.

Kings versus Trailblazers

Supposed to be one of the Chalkier games tonight, but I really don’t have much interest in it. Portland I like Dame and Hassan for tournaments don’t like them in cash because of how slow the Kings play this year (Rodney Hood is a good value play). As for the Kings side there are some guys I like today as they do get a pace up spot versus Portland. first thing is first no fox, which means Cory Joseph is an automatic lock for cash. Other people I like in this game are Holmes he is still kind of cheap for the minutes he gets. Harrison Barnes could also be a good play considering he is playing close to 38-40 minutes a night recently. Buddy Hield should be the biggest beneficiary with Fox being out, outside of Cory Joseph.

  1. It’s early, but as of now my 5 cash locks are Cory Joseph, Sabonis, Butler, Jokic and Brogdon. Remember no lineup today hope the article helps out.

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