Luka Doncic

Brandon Ingram

Russell Westbrook

James Harden

D’Angelo Russell



Jonas (going to talk about him more down below)


Steven Adams

Lauri Markkanen


Jaren Jackson Jr.

Tyus Jones

Dwight Powell

Josh Hart


Kyle Anderson

Bruno Caboloco

Dorian Finney Smith

Coby White

Thadeus Youngs


Kristaps Porzingis (rest)

Ja Morant (rest)

Brandon Clarke (back)

Grayson Allen (ankle)

Lonzo Ball (adductor)

Otto Porter (foot)

Pelicans versus Hornets

Gonna keep it short and simple, with all the injury news that dropped I really want nothing from this game. The only guy that truly interests me is Brandon Ingram, outside of that if you want to risk Rozier or Graham in a gpp I don’t mind it

Rockets versus Bulls

Westbrook was a lock for me on this slate, until we got all this Memphis injury news. Don’t get me wrong I still Westbrook, but with all the value on this slate it's going to be hard to pass up on Harden. My thought process right now is for stars the people who I will be mainly focusing on is Luka (locked), Harden, Westbrook, Brandon Ingram, and SGA. really hard to say this early what stars will end up in my lineup, but I would definitely lock in Luka and and a combo of the stars I just listed above. On the Bulls side Otto Porter is out due to a foot injury today. Chandler Hutchinson is going to start, but I really don’t see him playing huge minutes he might just be one of those guys who start the first and third and that’s it. Plus we have way better value than Hutchinson on this slate especially from the Dallas and Memphis side. I really like Lauri Markkanen tonight, but it’s like I said I don’t know If I will get to him as much as lineup builds are looking like they will be more of a stars scrubs build. Thadeus Young and Coby White are the guys who benefit the most with Otto Porter out. I don’t mind them, but like I said earlier we have way better value plays in the Memphis and Dallas game.

Warriors versus Thunder

D’angelo Russell is finally back and the rest of the warriors roster is priced up as if he was out. I do like D’angelo Russell tonight, but it’s hard to say if I will get to him or not in cash games. The reason being, the Warriors are on a back to back tonight after losing to Minnesota in overtime last night where DLo played 40 minutes. On top of that D’angelo Russell is coming off an ankle injury so it wouldn’t shock me if Kerr monitored his minutes. On the Thunder side I like SGA alot. He is a good point per dollar play, the only thing that scares me is that he is a very scoring dependent player, so a bad shooting night could easily make him miss value. I really don’t see that being a problem tonight though as they do play one of the worst defensive teams in the league against the Warriors. Another person I like from OKC is Steven Adams. Adams started off hot 9 fantasy points first four minutes vs the Spurs, but ended up going cold the rest of the game. A big reason for this is OKC as a team only had 30 rebounds and that was mainly because of how redicoulsy good LMA shot. I expect their to be a lot more misses in this game and for Adams to be in a legitimate double double spot. For what it’s worth, he also played 2 minutes more than what he usually does.

Mavericks versus Grizzlies

This is probably the best game of the night just because of all the injuries. First thing is first don’t question just lock in Luka Doncic, he should be in every lineup you make tonight. Value plays on the Dallas side for me are Delon Wright, Maxi Kleber, Dorian Finney Smith, and Dwight Powell. Maxi Powell and DFS should see the biggest boost with Porzingis being out. If I had to rank them I would say Maxi, Powell, and DFS in that order. I like Delon Wright, but it’s hard to say if I will get to him or not just because his minutes are all over the place. I consider Wright more of a gpp than cash game play, unless he ends up getting listed as a starter. As for Dorian Finney Smith he’s just a good point per dollar play should be able to hit value nothing crazy. On the Memphis side they are without Ja Morant, Clarke, and Grayson Allen. 2 cash locks are Jaren Jackson Jr. and Tyus Jones. Both can realistically get you 30 plus fantasy points tonight. Another guy who I like might go under owned is Kyle Anderson. He should play 25-30 minutes tonight playing a little bit both of Sf and Pf. From the start of the year the plan for Jonas was to increase his minutes and slowly build him back into the rotation from his injury. Jonas has gone from the 16-18 mpg mark to the mid 20s to the high 20s ( He probably would have hit the high 20s yesterday if it wasn’t for the blowout). Now normally you think with Clarke out Jonas should play in the 30s tonight, while that may be true it also might not. On November 4th Memphis played Houston, JJJ was out and Clarke was starting. You would thing since Clarke was starting it would be a boost for Jonas since Clarke was his backup. Instead what ended up happening was Jonas played 24 minutes and Bruno Caboloco ended up playing the other 24. Now does this mean the same thing will happen today, I have no clue. For me I believe I will have either Jonas or Lauri in my cash lineups, the question is just who.

Heads up I am only providing the article today, I apologize for the rough past 7-8 days. NBA is usually my best DFS sport and saying sorry is just not good enough. Gonna take today and tomorrow off for NBA more than likely and get back to streaking on Monday. I will still Provide NFL however we are 7-2 on the season. Follow me on Twitter (@DFSRICHES) Good luck everyone and if you have any questions just dm me!

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