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Knicks versus Bucks

Frank Ntilikina left Sunday's game early due to an injury and was not able to return, im assuming he won’t suit up on Monday night. If that is the case than Dennis Smith Jr. becomes a great value. Marcus Morris also did not play due to neck spasms. I think he should be good to go tomorrow, but if for some reason he sits again Knox also becomes a good play. Good thing is this is the first game on the slate so we should get news before lock. On the Bucks side Brook Lopez and Sterling Shepard are out. Robin Lopez is going to start they did bump his price up to 4.4k, but against the Knicks I can still see him being in play. As for Giannis he is always a good play, but a blowout in this game does scare me especially if the Knicks end up losing 2 starters in Frank Ntilikina and Marcus Morris. (PLEASE NOT I LOOKED AT THE TIME WRONG THE KNICKS PLAY AT 8 NOT 7, SO IT MIGHT BE NEWS WE HAVE TO WAIT ON/ADJUST TO) * Another key part I missed is their is a chance Elfrid Payton is back, even if he is I expect him to be limited and DSJ to start if Frank is ruled out.

Jazz VS 76ers

Rudy Gobert has finally gotten back to being a consistent fantasy producer after a slow start. He has a tough matchup going up against Joel Embiid, but what he have to realize is, when we roster Gobert we look for Rebounds, blocks, steals, at least 10 points for the double double, and basically for him to score off of putbacks or open layups in the pick and roll. Another good thing about Gobert is he plays heavy minutes. Last time both teams played Gobert had 48 DK points in 36 minutes. I love Gobert tomorrow, If I get to him or not will be tough because as I was writing this Draymond got ruled out for rest, which opens tons of value for the Warriors especially versus the Hawks. Not to mention their are other injuries that I will get to later on in the article.

Warriors versus Hawks

Draymond Green got ruled out due to rest, which kinda sucks because this was my favorite game to begin with and now has become a lot more chalkier than expected. I'm gonna start with Atlanta and let you guys know as of right now Trae Young is my favorite play. He is priced up at 10.5k, but the Warriors defense is just atrocious to begin with, the game should stay close, and it’s looking like we are going to have tons of value tomorrow. Jabari is also another person I like to run it back with Trae, don’t really know if I will get to him in cash. Cam Reddish is questionable, but Bembry is priced up to 4.8k where even vs the Warriors I don’t like him. If Reddish is ruled out and Crabbe starts I won’t have interest considering we will probably have better value tomorrow. As for the Warriors, first thing is first Kevon Looney is back. If Looney isn’t limited I love him at 3.4k, but he will more than likely have a restriction it really depends on what we hear about him tomorrow if I will get to him or not. Ky Bowan is 5.1k, he is going to be one of the, if not the chalkiest play of the slate tomorrow. Alec Burks is 6k, but he’s been playing in the high 30s it is so hard not to love him. With no Draymond it gives him a slight usage bump and also going up against one of the worst defenses in the league versus Atlanta I wouldn’t be shocked to see him score 30 real points. Another Warrior I like is Eric Paschall. If you have been following on twitter (@DFSRICHES) you know whenever I choose a big versus Atlanta they just want to stink it up. Yet, I love Paschall he’s at an affordable price and either him or Burks will have a high scoring night, or maybe even both. Like I said as of right now I really really love the Warriors tomorrow night.

Suns versus Hornets

I wrote it at the end of the Knicks side, but this is the first game of the slate not the Knicks. Aaron Baynes was one of my favorite plays, but it looks like he will be limited tomorrow so I probably won’t get to him. Rubio and Booker make for fine Gpp plays I never like coring them unless one of the two are ruled out. Key news we have that could open value in this game are Cameron Johnson is questionable, Diallo ruled out (any minutes Diallo has will more than likely just go to Kaminsky). Depending on what Baynes limit is, Kaminsky could become a really good value at just 4.4 especially versus the Hornets.

Pacers versus Grizzlies

Brogdon and Sabonis make good plays to me in either cash or gpp. Memphis might be missing Clarke, Jonas, Kyle Anderson, and Ja Morant. Ja has already been ruled out, Clarke left the game early with an injury I believe that has already been bothering him (I doubt he plays tomorrow, but we will see tomorrow). Now if Jonas and Clarke miss I doubt this game stays close, which would have me off of Brogdon and Sabonis. On the Memphis side Tyus Jones even at 5.6k is a good play. He is a good point per minute guy, the matchup is tough, but if Jonas misses as well he should have a really high usage. Grayson allen at 3.2k becomes another good value play, blowout or not his minutes should be safe. Jaren Jackson Jr. is priced up, but if Clarke and Jonas miss someone has to get more minutes and it’s him. I am fine with Crowder at 5.4k as well. Seeing who Memphis misses is key, because they could have the best value plays on the slate.

Bulls versus Kings

last game of the slate has my least interest of it. Kings side Bogdan Bogdanovic might be one of my favorite plays, just simply because he’s too cheap at 6.2k. Bulls don’t like anyone beside Shaq Harrison decent value play, we will probably have better ones as the day goes on tomorrow. Another thing I want to mention is if you are playing a gpp lineup and you play multiple ones take a shot at Lauri he has been horrible this season, but he has 40 point upside he will break out of this slump one day. (Chandler Hutchinson is doubtful)