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Magic VS Wizards

I know Orlando is one of the better Defensive teams in the league and also slower paced, but Beal at 8.6k is crazy cheap. It’s just like with Gobert I think he can be a really good play, but for tournaments. Aarong Gordon just came back from injury recently, he is only priced at 5.7k and has played 30 plus minutes in both games. I can see Gordon going for 30-40 vs a team like the Wizards tomorrow. Another sneaky gpp play is probably Fultz, he has scored in double digits in his last 8 games, pace up spot, and he is playing around 30 minutes a game now.

Heat VS Raptors

Again this is just an early look, but this is actually a game I have interest in. these are 2 of the better defensive teams in the league, but I feel like some players on both sides are mispriced and this should be a competitive game. Frad VanVleet is my favorite player. What is not to like, he is playing nearly 40 minutes a night and getting you 38 plus fantasy points consistently a night, while ONLY BEING PRICED AT 7.5K! Siakam is another guy I have interest in, 8.5k is fairly cheap, but I can’t tell if I want him in cash games yet or not. On the Miami side my favorite plays are Butler and Bam both under 7k and key thing to note is no Dragic tomorrow. No Dragic gives a boost to Dragic, but the guy I am going to be looking at is Winslow at just 4.9l

Mavericks VS Pelicans

Luka is probably my favorite play of the slate as of right now Pelicans are ranked towards the bottom end of the league in defense and it’s also a pace up spot for the Mavericks. Wouldn’t shock me to see Luka have one of his 70 fantasy point performances tomorrow. Another person I am a big fan of is Porzingis. At 6.5k he is simply just too cheap. Not really a big fan of anyone on the Pelicans, Ingram is a fine tournament play.

Spurs VS Rockets

If Lamarcus is out I like Demar and Rudy Gay. On the Rockets side I like Harden and Capela for tournaments not for cash.

Lakers VS Nuggets

I don’t think I will have interest in this game for cash, mainly because both teams play at a slower pace and are good defensive teams, but this could be a good game to stack for tournaments. On the Lakers side LeBron at 10.2k and AD at 9.6k is insane. If you played DFS prior years, you guys know AD has a legit 80 fantasy point ceiling. This should be a competitive game, so im not worried about anyone's minutes or a blowout. Jokic has been disappointing this year, but again he is only 8.9k hard not to love him. Jamal Murray at 6.6k also makes a good play to run back with Jokic.

Trail Blazers VS Clippers

Paul George at 8.2k is still too cheap, Portland has struggled vs forwards for years and they are one of the bottom tier defenses in the league this year. Kawhi price has came down to 8.7k and I am also fine with him. Kawhi has been shooting a lot, but hasn’t shot relatively well from the field. If his shots falling he could get you 40-50 fantasy points. Whiteside at 8k I don’t like him for cash but he’s fine for tournaments. The thing I love about Whiteside is he can get you a ton of rebounds and blocks, if he gets you over 10 points you get that double double bonus more than likely as well.