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Warriors VS Hornets

Warriors are priced up to a point where I am not a fan of them really. If DLO is out again, Bowman is a fine play for cash and if Looney is not restricted or its lifted up to like a 20-25 minute one I like him for value. I like PJ Washington at his price against the Dubs for cash outside that Graham is fine for tournaments. (Also if I skip games it is cause I don’t have any interest in them as of now.

Hawks vs Nets

No Kyrie, means Spencer Dinwiddie is a fine play for both cash and tournaments and same with Jarrett Allen. Trae Young has a good matchup, but he is way too expensive for my liking in cash, tournaments is fine. Allen Crabbe has been ruled out and Deandre Hunter is unlikely to play. Normally I don’t like to play Bembry at 5k, but in a spot like this against Brooklyn and Atlanta being down a bunch of people Bembry might become a cash lock. Jabari Parker also makes for a fine play in cash/tournaments. *IF Huerter plays I would pass on Bembry, and if Huerter is not limited somehow im fine with him as a play as well

Heat VS Celtics

The only thing I have to say for this game is, What is Draftkings thinking making Butler only 7.3k! I understand Boston is a good defensive team, but Jimmy is way too cheap with no Dragic at that price. It is key to note though it is a back to back off a overtime victory for the Heat, so that might be a reason not to get to him.

Pistons VS Bucks

I am normally against playing Blake and Drummond together but at 6.6k for Blake Griffin I think he is a fantastic play same with Drummond at only 8.9k. Only thing that worries me is a blowout in this game because the Bucks just seem to blowout anyone. Giannis is fine for tournaments outside that not a big fan of anyone else. *I just realized this a back to back for Detroit so if Blake is out Morris/Wood benefit the most. If Blake is out im 90 percent sure this game blows out so I wouldn’t mind a Drummond fade especially because their is a center I like even more than him that I will get to later.

Minnesota VS Dallas

On Minnesota Towns is fine for tournaments. On the Dallas side, I love Luka again has a favorable matchup and it looks like Porzingis will be playing in this b2b. He only played 17 minutes against NOLA so I am also fine with Porzingis against the Wolves. If he does sit expect Kleber and Powell to benefit.

Lakers VS Jazz

I know its a back to back but I love LeBron at 10k especially in what should be a close competitive game. That center I was telling you all about was Rudy Gobert. The matchup is not favorable, but it’s like I said when he played Philly his price tag is just too cheap and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go for 40-45 fantasy points vs LA. Conley is out so Royce O’Neal and Mudiay are great value plays and Donovan Mitchell at 7.1k is probably a cash lock. I don’t mind taking a shot at Kyle Kuzma either at 3.9k.

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