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* First thing is first, If I don’t cash tomorrow I am giving away 5 dollars. To enter all you have to do is DM the word Joel Embiid in ALL CAPS to enter. Reason why I am doing it like this is because I want people who have been following for a while and read the articles to win, instead of someone who just retweet my tweet and follows now and wins. If I don’t cash I will probably pick the winner either midnight tomorrow or Friday morning.

76ers VS Wizards

Thomas Bryant (out), Mo Wagner (questionable), Josh Richardson (Out), Ian Mahinmi (questionable), and CJ Miles (Out). A blowout in this game does worry me, but it is only a 4 gamer so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. For Washington if they are missing Wagner again, that is going to benefit Rui and Bertans massively. If I had to pick between the two I would prefer Bertans just because of his ability to knock down threes at a high rate (also you get the .5 3 point bonus on dk). Another person I am intrigued by is Isaiah Thomas. He is only priced at 5.2k and played 34 minutes last time. I know Philly is an amazing defensive team especially vs guards, but if this game stays close and IT plays in the mid to high thirties we could see 30-40 fantasy points again. Bradley Beal is my favorite play from this team, against Orlando he shot the ball 30 times! I wouldn’t be shocked if that repeats vs Philly. Beal will probably be one of the more popular plays tomorrow being priced at only 8.6k. Now one thing to note for this game is if Wagner plays I don’t know how I feel about him yet because he would only be the only true center on the team, but we have to realize he is priced up to 5.5k and has a tough matchup vs Joel Embiid. The person who might interest me is Mahinmi if he is ruled in and Wagner is not. If Ian is playing the Wizards really won’t have a choice but to play him with all the bigs they are missing. He would make for a good value play at the dirt minimum, but like I said it’s still too early to tell. On the 76ers side it’s hard to not like anyone, Washington is the best team to target against at any position in DFS this year. Embiid is my favorite play probably of the slate and will probably be the highest owned player. Next would probably be either Tobias/Horford and than Korkmaz and Thybulle for value. It really would not shock me if Philly decides to rest either Joel or Horford tomorrow.

Houston Vs Toronto

I have almost no interest in Houston, Westbrook or Harden are fine for tournaments, but I love Toronto tomorrow. The best part about this game is not only will it be competitive, but with Lowry being back Nurse is still playing people heavy minutes. If we take the overtime minutes out against Miami Vanvleet played 38 minutes, Lowry 36, and Siakam 34. VanVleet at 6.6k and Lowry at 7k are my favorite plays from this game. Siakam price tag is still high at 8.4 I see him more as a tournament play. The thing to note about Lowry is that he got 40 fantasy points in his first game back in a while and shot 2-18. I don’t expect Lowry to shoot that bad again especially vs Houston. I think he should easily be able to get you 40-45 tomorrow vs Houston and same with VanVleet. Marc Gasol is 4.4k, I don’t know how to feel about this one mainly because he can honestly play close to 30 minutes and get you 18 fantasy points. This isn’t Memphis Gasol anymore. Also I forgot to mention it but Capela also makes for a fine play, Toronto is a good defensive team but the reason I like Capela is A) he scores off of put backs and lobs mainly B) he has been getting close to 20 boards a game recently. Getting to Capela will be hard, but he could be a sneaky pivot in tournaments off of Joel Embiid.

Nuggets VS Knicks

If Frank misses, DSJ is a free square in cash games on Draftkings. Reason why I say free square is cause I am not big on DSJ mainly because Denver is a good defensive team and plays at one of the lowest paces in the league. Now I know you are wondering why would I fade him than? If Frank sits on a slate that doesn’t have much value yet, he will probably be owned 90-100 percent in cash games and fading him could bite you if he ends up having a Cam Reddish type game. Even if he does bad he probably won’t hurt you mainly because he will be high owned. One guy I do have some interest in is Marcus Morris. Morris is back from Injury, it was neck spasms so I doubt he will be limited and Morris’ price has dropped down to 5k. Morris has been a 30 fantasy point guy this year, the matchup is tough, but he only needs 25 for value which I can still see him hitting baring this game blows out. Garry Harris is fine for value, only Nugget I really have interest in. Jokic is also a fine play for tournaments.

Suns Vs Pelicans

Now the thing that sucks about this game is, it actually has some injury news that could open up some nice value plays, but it’s the last game off the slate so we probably won’t have the news till after lock. On the Suns if Baynes misses I like Kaminskys matchup, but the guy I have interest in is Diallo. Diallo is pretty cheap and makes for a good value play, especially in a good spot vs the Pelicans who aren’t a good defensive team. Also if you buy into revenge narratives, their is that as well. I really like Brandon Ingram he’s at an affordable price I can easily see him go for 5x in value tomorrow vs a team like Phoenix, same with Jrue Holiday who is only 7.3k. Rubios minutes seem to be safe, it looks like that hamstring isn’t bothering him anymore. 6.2k vs the Pelicans is really cheap for a guy who has a 40-50 point Ceiling. I am never big on Booker anymore, he has just been to passive this year. He is fine for tournaments, but not a priority for me in cash. Also I know I have been all over this game switching from side to side, but the last thing I want to touch on is if Favors misses and Kenrich Williams plays he makes for a great value play. Even if Favors doesn’t miss I still like Williams as a value play at only 3.7k if both miss look for Hayes to benefit. The thing that sucks is we probably won’t know till later on and this being the last game of the slate I doubt people are going to risk waiting on news if we don’t have it before lock.