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* First thing is first, If I don’t cash tomorrow I am giving away 5 dollars. To enter all you have to do is DM the word GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO in ALL CAPS to enter. Reason why I am doing it like this is because I want people who have been following for a while and read the articles to win, instead of someone who just retweet my tweet and follows now and wins. If I don’t cash I will probably pick the winner either midnight tomorrow or Friday morning.

Raptors VS Clippers

Fred VanVleet might miss tomorrow's game, good thing is it is the first game on the slate so we should get the news before lock. If VanVleet misses again I love Lowry at 7.1, against the Bulls he did upset us, but he played 39 minutes and shot 3-15, which I doubt will be a recurring thing. Not big on anyone on the Clippers, everyone healthy and Toronto is a good defensive team.

Houston Vs Cleveland

Not really big on anyone on Houston mainly because I expect this game to blowout and Draftkings has raised a lot of players prices up, especially Hardens to 12.9k. On the Cavs side Love is only priced at 6k and has a favorable matchup, only problem is that his minutes have been all over the place so it’s hard to say if I will want to play him in cash. Nance is only 4.2k and I don’t mind him, but only problem is if the game blows out it will hurt Nances rotation more. Cedi Osman is only 3.3k, he hasn’t been the best fantasy producer this year, but being a starter at that dirt cheap price vs the Rockets I expect he will be chalk. Especially on a slate where it’s early, but we don’t have a ton of value.

Hornets Vs Nets

Loved Biymbo, but minutes concerned me so I faded him which was ultimately the reason why I lost tonight. If we don’t get any value opened up tomorrow, which I doubt on a huge slate than Biymbo vs a Nets team who is horrid guarding bigs is an amazing spot for Bismack. Outside of that not really big on this game, Like I said Dk done a good job pricing up players. Dinwiddie Allen and Prince make for good Gpp plays. I don’t mind Prince for cash either as of now mainly because he is 6.6k, but the Hornets struggle to guard forwards so I could see Prince having a big game. Prince has actually been one of my favorite players to play this year because it seems like whenever I core him he just ends up going crazy.

Jazz Vs Timberwolve

Conley is going to miss again and Donovan Mitchell is only priced at 7.4k. We have yet to see Mitchell kill his price tag with Conley out this year, like he used to do last year when Rubio missed. Either way at 7.4k it’s just too cheap he gets a pace up spot against the Wolves and should still be the primary playmaker. If there was a game for Mitchell to have a ceiling game this one is probably it. Gobert still 7.7k, he’s been pretty consistent recently so I don’t mind him for cash or gpp. Kat price is only 10k he does have a difficult matchup, but I don’t mind up for tournaments.

Atlanta vs Chicago

Trae young price is at 10.3k I like the matchup, but not the tag. I don’t mind him for tournaments. On the Bulls side Lauri is starting to pick it up and he does have a favorable matchup. If you know me you know whenever I pick a big vs Atlanta they want to have a terrible game. Obviously holding grudges in DFS is not the thing to do. I don’t mind Lauri for cash or gpp really. Coby White is priced at 4.3k playing back around the 30 minute mark in his last couple of games and I love him. White has a favorable matchup and the best part about is the majority of his shots are 3 pointers so if he’s hot not only can he kill his tag, but you get the bonus .5 for every 3 you hit on Dk. Almost forgot to mention Kevin Huerter is 4.3k, I don’t mind him if his minute restriction is lifted.

Pelicans Vs Bucks

Giannis is one of the few players who did not get a price boost. Now whenever the Bucks play the one thing you want to know is if this game is gonna blow out or not. Bucks are home and are playing the Pelicans who are on a nine game losing streak. As of right now this is my favorite game Ingram and Holiday are still too cheap if Okafor and Kenrich start again they are good value plays and if Lonzo is back in the starting lineup somehow he makes for a great play as well. On the Bucks side I love Giannis and Middelton. Giannis at 11k is way too cheap that even if this game blows out, it would not shock me if Giannis hits value in 3 quarters. Middelton gotten over 30 fantasy points last 4 matchups and hasn’t even played 30 minutes in any of them yet. If this game stays close it wouldn’t shock me if he plays mid 30s where he becomes a great play. Now the way I am going to approach this game is first seeing what Vegas has to say spread wise and secondly really seeing what it looks like the field will be on in this game. I hate having to just assume blowout and skip a really good game.

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