Lakers VS Pacers

Kyle Kuzma has been ruled out and Anthony Davis is questionable. If Anthony Davis was to miss, Dwight and Mcgee both make great plays, Lebron would probably be a lock in cash games for me, and depending on if Rondo starts or not will dictate if I play him in cash or consider him more of a tournament play. I think that the Lakers will start Dudley, but Rondo will close if Anthony Davis does miss. I am not really big on anyone on the Pacers side.

Kings VS Hornets

Not really that on people for cash plays in this game in general. If Bagley is off his minutes limit he will be one of my favorite plays of the slate. Bogdan Bogdanovic and Buddy Hield are fine for gpp plays. With Bagley back Holmes is back down to 5k, if Bagley is still limited than Holmes could also be another fine gpp play against a team who struggles vs centers. If Marvin Williams starts he could also make for a fine value play. Batum is listed as doubtful and Washington is out for about 3 weeks. Against the Pacers Biyombo and Zeller actually played on the court together, prior to that they split minutes. Marvin Williams is probable, but if he does somehow manage to miss I don’t mind taking a shot at Zeller or Bismack in gpps.

Hawks VS Knicks

This is a good matchup for the Knicks, but I probably won’t get too much, because the next game on the slate is probably my favorite. All I wanted to state from this game was Trae Young at 9.9k and Julius Randle at 7k are fine plays for tournaments.

Nets VS Pelicans

This is my favorite game of the slate. 2 of the faster paced teams in the league and 2 of the lower ranked defensive teams in the league. Starting off with Brooklyn Dinwiddie is probably my favorite play from this game. With Kyrie and Levert out, Dinwidde has been the main guy and in a spot like this I wouldn’t be shocked to see Dinwiddie get 45-50 fantasy points. Taurean Prince is another person I like from this game. He is way too cheap at 5.5k guy in a great matchup vs the Pelicans. On the Pelicans side, my favorite plays are Brandon Ingram, Jrue Holiday, Josh Hart, and Jackson Hayes and Lonzo Ball for gpp. The tough part is going to be deciding between Jrue and Ingram, If AD sits Lebron is going to be a must in my opinion. Trying to get Dinwiddie, Lebron, Jrue and Ingram will be hard.