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Grizzlies VS Cavaliers

I don’t have much interest in this game, but the only reason I want to talk about it is, if you play multiple lineups, I would definitely have one with exposure to this game. We already know the chalk is going to be between Detroit, Washington, and Toronto. If you want to stay away from some it I don’t mind going to this game, especially the Cavs side. This is a pace up spot for the Cavs, but more importantly this game should stay close. I really do not mind pairing Tristian Thompson and Kevin love together both have pretty cheap price tags in an amazing matchup. I also do not mind taking a shot at Clarkson if you want to pick a Cleveland guard. On the Grizzlies side I am not a big fan of them only because it is a pace down spot. If I were to take a shot at anyone, it would either Morant or Jonas. Only problem I have with Jonas is the minutes, especially with Clarke back it’s going to be hard to see him play close to the 30 minute range.

Pistons VS Celtics

Blake Griffin, Christan Wood, and Luke Kennard are out. Morris has been priced up to 5k, so I really don’t have interest in him even if he was to play 30 minutes tonight because I would rather just put in a Toronto guy and the matchup isn’t appealing. Rose is at 6k, I would have an interest in him, but again it’s just not a good matchup for the Pistons and Detroit won’t really try to push his minutes even with all the injuries. The only guy I do have an interest in is Andre Drummond. I really like Drummond really wouldn’t shock me if he has a 20 20 game today. It’s going to be tough to get him in with Beal and Lowry on this slate, but I wouldn’t be shocked if I play him over one of Beal or Lowry I will explain why once I get to the Raptors and Wizards game.

Wizards VS Raptors

Alright let’s start off with the injury report for this game. Wizards are missing Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant, and Mortiz Wagner as the main guys. Toronto is missing Pascal Siakam, Norman Powell, Marc Gasol, Matt Thomas, Fred Vanvleet (questionable), and Stanley Johnson (questionable). On the Wizards side the three guys I like are Isaiah Thomas, Bradley Beal, and Davis Bertans. Wizards are going to have to play Bertans heavy minutes because of all the injuries they have down low and the reason I love Bertans is because 1) heavy minutes 2) he shoots the ball like crazy 3) he gets the 3 point bonus on Draftkings, which adds up because almost all his shots are 3 pointers. Another reason why I like him and IT is because of how I think the Raps are going to play Beal. It’s no doubt that Bradley Beal is still a top play on this slate do the injuries, minutes he plays, and price tag, but I still think fading him is not the worst option here. One thing Toronto has done this year is they try to take every teams star players out of the game and have everyone else beat them. They have done this to Kawhi Leonard both times they played had him trapped as much as possible and they also did it to James Harden. Now the reason why I think Beal just isn’t an automatic fade is because Beal has been dealing with this all season and has still had games where he's gone off. It’s just the matter of how hard Toronto plays Beal because if they take him out of the game I expect Isaiah and Bertans to have a good outing. Now On the raptors side my top play is Serge Ibaka, than Lowry, OG Anunoby, Chris Boucher, and Rondea Hollis-Jefferson. I feel like everyone outside of Lowry I just mentioned are good plays and will probably end up in my lineup more than likely. The reason why I don’t mind a Lowry fade is only if Fred VanVleet does play and he is not limited. If Fred plays he would probably be my favorite play of the slate after Ibaka. I really don’t have an appeal to the other games after this, Herro and Porzingis are fine for gpp/cash, that's really about it. Pick the right plays between the Pistons, Wizards, and Raptors you win the slate for cash games.

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