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12/21/19 NBA DFS NOTES


Ok I am not going to rank the value, only because we are waiting on some news so I will list who I like as of now and who I would like if Jonas and Ntilikina/Elfrid sit. Value that I like that is not affected by injury news is Robin Lopez, Kevon Looney (if he isn’t restricted), and Kevin Knox. now if Elfrid and Frank are both out, DSJ is the top value play of the slate. If Frank is in im off of DSJ and will likely pivot to Grayson Allen. As of now I am going to have DSJ in my lineups even if we don’t get news before lock, I really don’t see why the Knicks would risk playing rank, but then again it is the Knicks. If Elfrid Payton plays and Frank doesn’t for some odd reason, I will still be fine with DSJ if he starts or if Payton is limited. On Memphis as of now only guy I like is Grayson allen. In tournaments if you want you could pivot off of bowman for a lower owned Tyus Jones. If Jonas is out I love Bruno Caboloco and Solomon Hill, Bruno more than Hill. Good thing about Bruno is that he should be blowout proof. I don’t like Melton, if you guys played DFS last year you know when melton played 30 minutes he can be one of those guys who only gets you 10 dk points. I wouldn’t risk him in cash games.

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Wizards VS 76ers

I normally love to stack against the Wizards, but everyone on Philly is priced up to where I don’t mind fading the game. Only person I am a fan of is Joel Embiid at 10.2k. Wizards are on a b2b, I would expect Beal not play as heavy minutes, but somehow his price dropped to 8.6k. Beal will probably be one of my favorite plays of the day. If Wagner plays and is not limited he is fine for cash and gpp. Bertans is another guy I like, but for tournaments.

Bulls VS Pistons

If Blake sits again and Kennard plays, Kennard is a guy I like for cash at only 5.1k. Drummond has been priced up to where Joel Embiid and Kat are so im not big on him, but he does have an appealing matchup. I don’t mind taking a shot on him at tournaments Drummond a guy who can literally get you a 20 20 game while piling up a bunch of steals and blocks. (As I am writing this Blake gets ruled out of course)

Kings VS Grizzlies

De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley are priced way too cheap at just 6.6k and 5.4k. Fox played 30 minutes in his first 2 games back and 24 last night, but it was a blowout. I expect Fox to play 30 minutes or even more tonight even if he comes off of the bench. Bagley has finally played over the low 20 minute mark last night playing 27 minutes, so I assume his minutes restriction is finally going to be lifted. Cory Joseph is only 3.3k if he still starts and Bogdan Bogdanovic is ruled out again Joseph is a fine value play. Buddy Hield has struggled recently, but if he is in the starting lineup again without Bagley and Fox this is the spot where he can really erupt and have one of his 30 point games where he hits 5 plus 3 pointers. I don’t mind him in cash, but I would call him more of a tournament play especially if Bogdan plays.

Spurs VS Clippers

Not that big on this game on the Clippers side, but I do have some interest on the Spurs side. Lamarcus Aldridge has been pretty consistent recently and is pretty cheap at 7.4k. Now you guys know me I love Dejounte Murray, he’s only 6k and he is starting to play around close to the 30 minute mark. He’s an over a point per minute fantasy producer so he is a fine play, I wouldn’t risk him in cash, he is more of a tournament play.

Timberwolves VS Trail Blazers

Key thing to note is Carmelo Anthony left last nights game with a head injury and did not return. I do not expect him to play and this is a 10 pm game so we probably won’t get news post lock, but if he does sit Skal Labissiere makes a good value play. Usually Skal only backs up Whiteside, but after Melo went out Skal and Whiteside did share the court together so his minutes should be safe regardless of whether Toliver or Hezonja start. Lillard is finally starting to put up 50-60 point performances like the start of the year. These are 2 high paced teams so I expect it to be high scoring I already love Dame tonight, if Melo misses I love him even more. Not much interest on the Wolves side, except for Towns. If Towns plays I really like him in this matchup, honestly wouldn’t even mind playing him over Joel Embiid.