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*I am 2-0 doing this, so let’s hope this luck continues tomorrow. Today's slate was just flat out annoying. First we get Giannis losing last 2 minutes of a close game because someone poked his eye. We get Lou will playing like garbage in a competitive game and then finally I get trolled by Paul Millsap barley playing in the 2nd half. All to just lose all my double ups by 1-3 points. So here is the deal if we lose tomorrow I will give one lucky person who DMs the word ANDRE DRUMMOND in all caps 5 dollars.


I am going to change my approach and break down each position instead of going game by game since I never have interest in every game. So the first two people who I might have interest in tomorrow is Svi Mykhailuk and Langston Galloway. Both are priced affordably as nice decent value plays, Luke Kennard has already been ruled out and Bruce Brown might miss as well. I will probably only have interest in these guys if Bruce Brown misses, again both these guys aren’t the best fantasy producers and can still not reach value even if they play high minutes vs Washington. A guy who might get lower ownership who I also like is Tim Frazier, but again we have to see how the day goes on. Elfrid Payton has put up 30 plus fantasy points in 2 straight games now and is still priced at 5.3k. He has a good matchup against Brooklyn and is probably one of my favorite plays of the slate as of now. It sucks because he will probably be one of the highest owned players on the slate tomorrow. Dejounte Murray is finally playing close to 30 minutes a night. He is priced at only 5.7k tomorrow vs the Dallas Mavericks. Mavericks have dropped down in pace to 17, but I do feel some of that has to do with Luka Doncic being out, but he is listed as questionable for tomorrow. Whether Luka plays or not I still love Murray tomorrow at really affordable price tag. Fox has finally entered back into the starting lineup and is playing back to his normal upper 30 minute mark. Tomorrow he gets a favorable matchup against Minnesota and in my opinion he is still way too cheap at only 7k. Buddy Hield price has dropped down to 6.3k, he has been struggling recently, but this is a really good spot for him to bounce back. I probably won’t get to him in cash he is probably more of a tournament than cash play.


Forward spot is probably my least favorite tomorrow, not many plays that I am a big fan of as of now. Porzingis is one of my favorite forwards tomorrow at only 8.3k. The only problem with this is Luka Doncic is questionable. With Luka being questionable and this being an eight pm game I highly doubt we get news before lock. I am pretty sure that Luka was also a full participant during the Mavericks last practice, which probably points to him playing. Another guy I like tomorrow in the same game is Lamarcus Aldridge. LA is only priced at 7.4k and he has been relatively consistent as of recent. He’s starting to have game where he is getting 8-10 boards a game and some games where he is playing in the upper 30 minute mark. Marvin Bagley is only priced at 5.3k and has also rejoined the starting lineup. He also gets a favorable matchup my only concern with him is that the Kings have a lot of forwards that they can go to. Bjelica and Barnes are 2 other guys who have been cutting into Bagleys minutes which makes it hard for me to get to him as of now. Joe Ingles has been playing some really heavy minutes recently. His last 2 games alone he has played 38 and 39 minutes. Not only that but he also gets a pace up spot vs a bad defensive team in Portland. Only problem I have is if Jordan Clarkson plays I do expect him to cut into some of that playing time. I really don’t see the Jazz pushing Ingles to this many minutes, but we will see if Clarkson is in or not tomorrow.


I think it’s pretty obvious who the best center spot in tomorrow’s slate is and that is Andre Drummond. Gets a pace up spot vs probably the worst defensive team in the league, not to mention Wizards are already missing big bodies like Wagner, Thomas Bryant, Rui Hachimura, and Davis Bertans. Not like any of those guys can stop him, but they are definitely better than the bigs the Wizards have as of now. Hassan Whiteside and Mitchel Robinson are fine for gpps and that’s really about it for this position for me as of now.