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12/30/19 NBA DFS NOTES

Heat Vs Wizards

First important thing to note is that Bradley Beal is questionable. He didn’t play due to soreness in his right calf. I think he should be good to go tomorrow, good thing is that it’s the first game of the slate so we should have news before lock. If Beal plays I probably won’t have interest in anyone in Washington besides him. If he does sit I do like people such as Gary Payton II, Johnathan Williams, and Isaiah Thomas. So far in his first 3 games with the Wizards Payton has dropped 44.3, 30.3, and 37 Draftkings points. I honestly don’t know what to make of this because from these 3 games he has shown he can pile up points, rebounds, and assists. The only thing that bothers me about it is that 2 of the games were against THE KNICKS and the other was against Detroit. This is a way tougher matchup against Miami and he has been priced up to 6.2k. It’s really hard to tell if I will want to get to him or not vs Miami, but if Beal does sit I will have more of an appeal to him. Isaiah Thomas shot the Ball 21 times against the Knicks. As expected, he seemed to be the guy who was taking most of the shots for the Wizards. DK really did not price him up, the only problem I have with him is if Beal is out, Miami tends to trap the teams best player. Now he's only 5.4k and I think if Beal sits he still in play regardless because of the price tag. Against the Knicks he shot 5-21, but still scored 20 real points and finished with 33.5 fantasy points. Even if his shots not falling he still has the ability to get assist which helps him a ton. Johnathan Williams is a tricky guy. He played 33 minutes off the bench against Detroit, but than 12 vs the Knicks when he was starting. I consider him more of a Gpp play than cash as of now. Also when Beal missed, the Wizards starting lineup changed a lot. If I had to take an early guess of who is going to start if Beal plays I would assume its IT, Payton, Beal, Williams, and Ian. Shcofield has not been good for the Wizards I really do not see him coming back to the starting lineup and I think Payton has solidified his spot. It will probably be either Troy Brown or Payton who get moved to the bench, good thing is it’s the first game of the slate so we will have all the new we need before lock. I have no clue who does DK pricing, but both Bam and Jimmy are priced under 8k. I am not kidding when I tell you that if you had 4 players from Miami tomorrow I wouldn’t mind it. Jimmy and Bam are way too cheap as of now and will probably be chalk. Dragic and Herro are 2 other guys who seem like fine plays. Herros minutes really depend on how he is playing, but against the Wizards I don’t think it’s something we need to worry about. All 4 of the players should be closing. If Beal plays I am not concerned about a blowout mainly because Washington is at home, but if Beal is out I am a little concerned. The way I see it, the Wizards have been a good offensive team and on a 6 gamer I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A lot of these guys are priced to the point where I think they can hit value in 3 quarters if needed.

Magic Vs Hawks

Aaron Gordon is questionable, if he plays and is not limited I do like him vs Atlanta. If he misses however a guy like Terrence Ross will benefit. Nikola Vucevic is easily my favorite play from the Orlando side. It’s as simple as it gets its a pace up spot vs one of the weaker defensive teams in the league and Atlanta struggles mightily vs bigs. Fultz also interests me because of the price tag and he should play close to 30 minutes. Trae Young is out, but I don’t have interest in the Hawks matchup isn’t good and a lot of the players have been priced up.

Nets Vs Timberwolves

Town is questionable again, I think he is going to miss again and even if he does play he will more than likely be limited since its a knee injury, and finally Andrew Wiggins is questionable due to illness. I expect Wiggins to play, but if he gets ruled out before lock along with Towns, I will be on Jeff Teague. Last time out vs the Cavs all of Minnesota disappointed. Teague only played 27 minutes in a close game, which made no sense. If Towns and Wiggins miss again I do expect him to play more minutes. He becomes over a fantasy point per minute guy with both players off the floor and is priced way too cheap. Covington and Dieng would make for fine plays in cash or tournaments. On the Nets side it is a pace up matchup for them and Levert and Kyrie are still both out. Dinwiddie is fine for cash or gpp and Jarrett Allen could be a sneaky under owned play. It sucks because it’s just hard to play a guy at 6k knowing he is more than likely going to split minutes with Deandre Jordan even if he is smashing. Bucks vs Bulls, Giannis is questionable for the third game in a row and I know what you are saying already, oh no challenge chalk Bucks stack again. I honestly don’t think that will be the case because A) Eric Bledsole is back, if Giannis misses and Bledsole is not limited he will be one of my favorite plays. Ersan Ilyasova has been priced up to 5.6k and I really don’t mind taking a shot if Giannis plays, even with Bledsole. The main reason is because Ersan been getting all the boards, Brook Lopez being a bad rebounder has helped out Ersan a lot fantasy wise. It’s another double double spot for him. Really don’t have interest in the Bulls, the game has true blowout potential especially with Bledsole coming back. Lauri is questionable, I think he plays because it’s for the same reason again with the illness, like last time where he played. If he does sit Thad Young is a great value play.

Pistons Vs Jazz

I have no interest in this game beside Blake as a gpp play at 5.7k and same with Clakrson at 4.1K.

Phoenix Vs Portland

Labissiere has already been ruled out and I don’t know who is working at DK, but Whiteside is only priced at 7.1k. Picking between center tomorrow is going to be really hard with Bam, Vuc, and Whiteside in great spot. Lillard looking like his old self again and is someone I don’t mind in cash or gpp. Melo is really cheap at 5.3k where him and Whiteside should benefit with Skal out. Bazemore is only 3.9k and Mario Hezonja is also questionable, if he misses a lot of these Portland guys make for good plays because of how depleted the roster is. On the Suns side Baynes is affordable at 4.9k, but it’s looking like a day to pay up at that spot. Rubio and Booker are also affordable only being in the 7k range. I really don’t mind stacking this game as a late night hammer, for a six gamer we have a lot of good spots.