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My core plays absolutely smashed last night led by 2 60 bombs from Jimmy Butler and AD! Let's keep the same success today and the hot streak rolling!

James Harden

James Harden vs the Raptors on Thursday only shot the ball 11 times while also shooting 6 free throws. For Harden however, he usually shoots the ball 2-3X more than that. This game has a 240 IMPLIED TEAM TOTAL. To compare that to other games from today's slate, the next closest in a 218.5 team total. This game will be high scoring, and Harden is blowout proof and really the only pay up stud on the slate at $12,100. For that reason, he is in my core and I expect no less than 60 from him tonight.

Tobias Harris comes in at a pretty expensive $8,100 price today. However, it is well worth it as he has been pretty consistent when Embiid sits. In the 4 games Joel Embiid has not played this year, Harris is averaging 40.45 FDP per contest. Not to mention the last time he played CLE he put up 50 FDP. He is a very safe play for me today in a great matchup with 2 76ers starting being out.

Grayson Allen