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Lakers Vs Hawks

  • AD and LeBron are listed as questionable, but they should play. It’s not a back to back so I see no worries of AD being out and it’s the first game of the slate so we shall have news before lock. Huge pace up spot for LA and I really like AD and LeBron in this game. In what should be a competitive game we probably see 36-38 minutes from both Bron and AD. I like the spot a bit better for AD, but either one is fine. Schroder and Trezz are fine gpp plays for big fields. Not really big on the Atlanta side as of now. Hunter is out, so maybe whoever starts for him could end up being a viable play.

Hornets Vs Heat

  • Rozier is questionable, if he misses Monk could make for a good value play (LaMelo started last time should be the case again, wouldn’t shock me if Monk does this time regardless, both LaMelo and Monk are good plays as of now). Cody Zeller seems to have won the starting center spot since being back from injury. Bismack and him have not really been splitting in fact we have seen PJ Washington play more backup center and cut into Bismacks playing time. If we are gonna keep seeing 30-34 minutes from Zeller 5.3k is still too cheap. The matchup is tough, but Zeller at worst should be able to hit value at his tag if he is given the same run he has had these past 2 games Gordon Hayward 7.5k seems fine, more for gpp than cash. Dragic is questionable and so is Herro. If both miss not really big on Nunn, Bam at 9.4k is too much, and Butler at 8.4k is fine. Normally I don’t like paying a big tag on Jimmy in the regular season since he likes to get his teammates more involved, however Miami has been struggling recently and are currently not in the playoff picture. Don’t be shocked if we see a much more aggressive Jimmy Butler this regular season.

Knicks Vs Bulls

  • The Clippers will be without Beverly, Kawhi, and PG again tonight. Mann, Kennard, and Jackson should start again tonight. Last time vs the Hawks we saw Reggie Jackson play 39 minutes, hard to say if we see the same amount of minutes again, but regardless I like him for both formats today. Mann at 5.4k is fine for both formats as well. As for the rest of the Clippers with guys like Morris, Williams, and Kennard it’s the same thing I like these guys for gpp, but more for large field tournaments. Miami has Dragic, Herro, Butler, Robinson, and Struss as questionable. Now if everyone plays I will have no interest in Miami. People like Herro and Butler will probably have a minutes limit and everyone else will be priced as if Butler and Herro are out. If Butler, Herro, and Dragic sit again I will have a lot of interest in Nunn and Bam for cash and gpp. Don’t mind taking a shot at Bradley as well if Miami is short handed. ( As I finished writing this, Butler and Dragic have been ruled, Strus and Duncan are available, and Avery Bradley is now questionable.

Wolves Vs Cavs

  • Dlo and Naz are questionable, if both sit Beasely and Edwards get a bump guard wise and as for bigs I probably won’t be big on them since Juancho is back. Rubio is fine for gpp as well, his minutes aren’t there, but he does have the upside. Larry Nance has been ruled out and Andre Drummond is questionable. If Drummond is out Jarret Allen becomes an amazing play and Mcgee could be a sneaky value. I think without Drummond Sexton becomes viable. Prince should start for Nance, not huge on him at his tag.

Bucks Vs Blazers.

  • This game should be really interesting because if it stays close, guys like Dame and Giannis should be in smash spot. Vegas has the spread at -9 Bucks right now so it’s hard to say. I think in cash staying away from this game is probably the best choice. If you get to Giannis as a last choice in cash it’s probably not the worst considering his upside he can get you value in 3 quarters if needed. If you think this game stays close however I like going with Dame and Kanter and running it back with a guy like Giannis and/or one of Middelton/Jrue.

Rockets vs Thunder.

  • Nwaba and Hill are both out for this game. Theo should get the start once again and it looks like he has been playing close to the 30 minute mark when he does start. He is a fine play for cash and gpp same thing with Dort at only 4.2k. I really love the matchup and price for SGA as well for both cash and gpp. Rockets are a stay away from me unless we get a word on what John Walls minutes are. If we get word it is 30 plus at 6.9k I love the price and matchup.

Suns Vs Mavs

  • Devin Booker is questionable, a lot of the Suns are priced as if he is out so his status is critical. If he sits Cp3 and Ayton are fine for gpp. I would only play one of Cam/Bridges/Crowder if you pick one, I would say Crowder. As for the Mavs Porzingis is back for this matchup and he is priced at 7.5k only. I don’t like KP for cash mainly because of his recent struggles, but he I like him for gpp. As for the Mavericks this matchup is tough for Luka, but I still do not mind him. I honestly think Kp playing is a benefit for Luka and last game he barely missed value. Now obviously you aren’t playing Luk