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76ers vs Mavs

  • Key thing to start this game off with is that Kristaps Porzingis will be out, which means Powell, Stein, or maybe even Boban will draw the start. All 3 guys are priced dirt cheap, whoever starts should be a good play in cash. I think both Powell and Stein are viable as long as Boban is not the starter. Without KP being out it also makes me like guys like Brunson, Richardson, and Hardaway. I would not play all 3 together, I would go with Brunson and pair him with either Richardson or THJ. Luka's price tag has come down a little bit, 76ers do have a top defense in the league, but that really does not worry me. I like Luka, but more as a gpp play vs cash. On the 76ers side I don’t really have interest beside Joel Embiid. Embiids price tag is really low given the season he is having and the matchup, only problem is it is hard to get to him with guys like Jokic and Giannis on the slate. I think Embiid is a good gpp play, especially if you want to pivot off of Jokic. (since Maxi is in I am off of Boban, unless he starts.)

Magic Vs Nets

  • This is a smash spot for Nikola Vucevic tonight vs the Brooklyn nets. I really like it, the only problem is Nikola Jokic is only a couple hundred more and Joel Embiid is 100 less. I think the gap between Vuc an Embiid is way closer tonight however. Michael Carter Williams and Aminu make for fine value plays as well tonight. Jeff Green is listed questionable, if he misses I really like Deandre Jordan. Without Green it makes it hard for Deandre to not play 30 plus minutes, unless Claxton comes off the bench and just has a really good game. As for the stars Harden and Kyrie are fine, the only thing I would not do is play both together given all the spend up options we have today.

Kings Vs Knicks

  • The Knicks play at a really low pace and have been a good defensive team this year so I really do not have much interest in the Kings. I think Fox and Bagley are good plays for cash and gpp, outside that not much interest. As for the Knicks, it’s a huge pace up spot. Key thing to note here is that Elfrid Payton is listed as doubtful. I love both Quickley and Rose tonight, especially for cash. The only way I won’t be on both is if Austin Rivers draws the start. Julius Randle is priced fine, it’s just hard to get to him with all the other spend up options tonight.

Clippers Vs Grizzlies

  • This is a game that really is not getting much ownership, so it could be a good game to target for gpps if you are looking strictly for an ownership edge. Clippers side Kawhi is fine and if you want to take a shot on one of Ibaka/Zubac I don’t mind it. Dillion Brooks is questionable, if he misses I like Ja Morant and Winslow as a decent gpp play.

Wizards Vs Nuggets

  • Beal and Westbrook are priced really cheap, I like both. I wouldn’t recommend playing both together in gpp together just because it limits upside and we have a lot of good spend up options today. I think Wagner is also a good gpp play as long as he can stay out of foul trouble vs Jokic. Bertans is also listed questionable this game, it really doesn’t do much for me because of the way they can divide up the minutes. If I had to pick someone if Bertans sat, it would have to be Garrison Matthews or Deni. This is a really good matchup for Denver. Jokic is tied for my favorite play on the slate with Giannis. I think MPJ with the minutes and matchup is too cheap. Barton also makes for a good last option in cash games.

Bucks Vs Pelicans

  • On the Bucks side Giannis is just too cheap, plain and simple. The way he is playing he should be priced in the 12k plus range. I do not expect this game to blowout and even if it does Giannis has been showing 55 plus upside in 3 quarters this year. Brook Lopez, Divencio, and DJ are fine secondary options. On the Pelicans side I really do not like the pricing on any of the players for cash games. As for gpp if you want someone to run it back with if you are playing Giannis I would have to go with Lonzo Ball. The minutes have been up recently, you just gotta hope that he hits his threes, which he has improved on this year.

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