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2021 LCS Rosters* & Predictions

* = Speculated

TL: Alphari, Santorin, Jensen, Tatical, CoreJJ

  • I just want to thank TL for saving Alphari, if you watched any of the LEC last year you know it was painful to see Alphari stuck on that Origen roster. We saw what TL's carries could do/ Core's leadership at worlds and now adding arguably the best jungler and a force in the top lane I think its safe to say I am excited for TL.

  • Prediction: TL wins the split in a great finals match 3-2 over C9.

C9: Fudge, Blaber, Perkz, Zven, Vulcan

  • C9 moved on from Licorice, arguably the best NA Top last year, because they know what they have in the future star top laner Fudge. This move gave C9 the capital to go out and win the Perkz sweepstakes.

  • Prediction: C9 takes home 2nd in the split.

TSM: Huni*,Spica, PowerOfEvil, DoubleLift, SwortArt*

  • Alot to unpack here, the loss of Bjergsen was a tough blow but signing PoE is a nice consolation prize. If SwordArt and Huni both end up signing with TSM (rumored that the Huni/Lost deal has been called off) they will have the perfect leadership to help develop a young star, this young star being Spica. It will be intresting to see TSM's 1st year with North Americas most storied player at the helm.

  • Prediction: TSM finishes 3rd-4th, Huni/DL gradual decline will start to show but will still be in the 1st tear of LCS teams.

EG: Impact*, Svenskeren, Jiizuke*, Lost*, Ignar

  • Well the majority of their roster is up in the air its hard to say too much, I do feel like they will be the "Gatekeeper", in terms of we beat the bad teams and are competitive against the good teams, again this split though. Signing Ignar is under appreciated and his playmaking/shotcalling will deffently help this squad.

  • Prediction: Finish 4th-7th.

100T: Ssumday, Closer, Damonte, FBI, Huhi

  • Can you say Golden Guardians 2.0 ? With the only difference being Ssumday instead of Hauntzer I love this team. After getting the best laning ADC, retaining their superstar Top, locking down a top 3 Jungler 100T looks like they are in for a very solid year.

  • Prediction: 100T didn't make the F/A splash like C9 but instead took a promising team and made an upgrade. Finish top 3.

FlyQ: Licorice, Josedoedo, Palafox, Johnson*, Diamond

  • FlyQ took the C9 package deal of Licorice,Palafox, Diamond and also brought in Rainbow7's jungler Josedoedo. We all know Jack takes care of his players so it is nice to see a few of them togeather on a new team. With some veteran leadership from Licorice FlyQ seems to have a nice mix of vets and rookies, last year Diamond and Palafox dominated the LCSa winning the title back to back. We got a glempse of Josedoedo in the worlds play-ins this year and he preformed very well leading R7 to a 2-2 record, beating LGD and UoL, before losing to LGD in the elimination round.

  • Prediction: Depending on what ADC they land they will be a top 5-6 team.

CLG: Finn, Broxah, Poebelter, TBD, Smoothie

  • CLG fans probably don't want to hear this, but looks like another year of mediocrity on the horizon (basically a less good EG if that does end up being their roster).

  • Prediction: 6th-8th.

DIG: Hauntzer*, Dardoch, TBD, TBD, Aphromoo

  • Pretty meh about dig this year, expecially if they fail to retain Johnson. Limited upside in my opinion.

  • Prediction: Finish 8th-10th.

IMT: Revenge, Xerxe, Insanity, Raes, Destiny