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2021 LoL MSI Tournament

Updated: May 9, 2021

The Mid Season Invitational (MSI) is a tournament simular to Worlds where top teams from over 10 leagues come togeather to compete. So lets dive into it I plan on breaking down the teams and their frist few matches.

11 Teams split into 3 Groups

Group Overview

Group 1:

  • Royal Never Give Up

  • RNG looked absoutly unstopable in the LPL and are definitely the most complete roster in the world in my eyes, while other players can outshine RNG individually RNG has the advantage in most matchups by having the most complete roster from top to bottom.

  • With Xiaohu moving from mid to top this season its gives RNG a unique advantage that few teams can copy by having the flexability of having a much more expanded champion pool i.e RNG won the series against a scorching hot Rare Atom team at the time largely because of Xiaohu's carry champs that are usually reserved to midlaners when they go AD (Tristana, Lucian).

  • Gala looked good at times last year but no where close to how he performed this year if it were up to me I would say he was the most improved player in the 2021 split so far.

  • No real crazy call here but Group 1 winner easily.

  • Pentanet.GG

  • Pentanet.GG are a part of the League of Legends Circut Oceania (LCO) the league that replaced the late OPL.

  • Penta went 13-1 in the inagural split with an impressive 2.49 team KD, were up an insane average of 1866 gold at 15 MIN. There are some intresting things when you take a deeper dive, Penta only had a 40% herald %, only got first drag 43% of the time but did have a 69% drag% (nice). So it seems that Penta have some pretty smurf stats for their league overall and tend to let their opponents get the first netural objective while they farm up in lane.

  • Penta's strong point seems to be their bot lane and should give them the advantage against UoL.

  • Unicorns of Love

  • UoL is from the League of Legends Continental League (LCL) mainly the Russian League.

  • You may remember this UoL team from worlds last year but they are missing 1 instrumental peice from that team in their ADC Gadget. This last split UoL started off with Frappii and switched to Lodik at ADC towards the end of the split and playoffs. With Gadget leaving to go play with LIDER and Mousesports UoL didnt have near the year they did last year.

  • In the World play ins UoL knew how to take care of buisness against minor region teams but looked completly lost past playins and pulled a TSM going 0-6 in the group stages.

  • Being the only group with 3 teams since the VCS was not able to send a representative they there will they and Penta will be competing for the 2nd spot in group 1.....even though UoL is predicted at 3-1 odds to beat Penta I like penta as an underdog, Penta absoutly dominated the LCO while UoL was 2nd or 3rd best in the LCL in my opinion. Also I believe that the LCO & LCL would be very simular in terms of talent on an ELO model.

Group 2:

  • MAD Lions

  • The MAD Lions shocked the LEC and ended up being the euro representative over G2 and Rogue.

  • MAD plays fast and loose and is comprised of a bunch of rookies and 2nd year players (in a major region).

  • MAD didn't have a great performance last time they competed internationally but have since swapped out their JG and Top for much better players IMO.

  • Their unique fast paced playstyle might actually prove to give them an edge at MSI.

  • Istanbul Wildcats

  • The wildcats compete in the Turkish Competitive League and I love the TCL it has been an absolute factory for the LEC and LCS as of late e.g (Armut,Blue,HiRit,Luger (lcsa),Closer,Gilius).

  • Admittedly have not watched them but was suprised that it was not SuperMassive that came out of the TCL.

  • For DFS purposes they have great Kill Participation across the board which means they focus on team fights. They have extremely high first turret % and first hearld % and low first drake% so it seems they tend to let the opponent have first drake and prioritize hearld to ensure first tower and additional pressure throughout the map.

  • paiN Gaming

  • CBLoL is a load of fun to watch and they absoutly love to fight (can be seen in PNG's .96 CKPM combined kills per minute), the CBLoL's team fight happy play style should make for good DK scores for their opponents. The CBLoL is one of the lower regions in the world and they are going to have a rough time in this group IMO.

  • PSG Talon

  • PSG Talon went 18-1 in the PCS this past split, The PCS is a very strong league and they have a stong team with the exception of their Top Laner Hanabi IMO.

  • They probably make it out of the group stage and given how inconsistant MAD is they might have a shot at winning it.

Group 3:

  • Damwon Gaming

  • The reigning world champs look to continue their international dominance, while it may have a touch of bias I feel as DWG will not breeze past the competition as easily this year because of their loss of their top laner Nuguri. While DWG replaced Nuguri with Khan, while many regard Khan as historically one of the best toplaners in the world I view him as past his prime and being a liability to the team:

  • 13% Kill share

  • Only having a gold differential of only 43 @ 10 Min even though his team winning 77% of their matches, for referance Kingen's team DRX had a 45% wr and was up 93 gold @ 10 Min on average.

  • 2nd lowest CS/Min of all LCK Top Laners, down in XP @ 10 min on average.

  • Cloud9

  • Do I even get my NA hopes up ?

  • DetonatioN FocusMe/ Infinity Esports

  • Don't know enough about these teams but the LJL and LLA historically have poor international showings. Infinity looks like they play at the pace of a snail.

All the MSI stats you could want:

Bets (Bovada):

Highest CS by a champion in a map under 494.5 (-125) I am personally max betting this.

Highest number of barons slain in a map under 3.5 (-185) ML vs UoL (+210) to qualify (+275)

Istanbul Wild Cats ML vs Pain Gaming (-135)

RNG MSI outright winner (+150)

Decent values:

Most deaths in a map:

Santas +1000

Luci +800

Most assist in a map:

Elyoya +1000

Decoy +3300

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