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Daily Article 08/29




Mets F5 -0.5 (-130)

  1. The Mets bats match up well against Lester as you can see below

  2. John Lester has a 5.09 SIERA over the last 30 days.

  3. Degrom has a 3.02 SIERA and 2.84 xFIP over the last 30 days

Rangers F5 -0.5 (-130)

  1. The Mariners have 6 hitters with a sub .150 ISO against RHP (Smith,Moore,Broxton,Nola,Lopes,Gordon)

  2. Felix Hernandez has a 6.44 SIERA over the last 30 days

  3. Hernandez is surrendering a .362 wOBA, 5.49 xFIP to RHH (The Rangers can roll out 7 RHH tonight)

Reds/Marlins o8.5 (-110)

  1. Alex Wood is giving up a 28% HR/FB rate over the last 30 days and has earned himself a 6.48 ERA.

  2. Woods has crazy splits and allows a .266 ISO to RHH as compared to a .32 ISO to LHH (The Marlins will mostly have 8 RHH in tonight's lineup)

  3. Robert Dugger had a 7.59 ERA in AAA...i think that enough said bout him

  4. Could also go with Marlins TT o3.5 (+105)

Parlay: Mets ML, Reds/Marlins o8.5, Dodgers F5 -0.5 (+360)


Home Run Call(S):

Danny Santana

  1. Felix Hernandez is giving up a 66.7% FB rate in