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First thing I want to apologize that I took so long to get this article out, but it’s finally here. I am going to break down the three main concepts you need to know which are: bankroll management, how to know how much to play each day, and contest selection. Alright first rule you need to know is that no matter how confident you are, you should never play more than 10 percent of your bankroll a day. So that means if you have a 100 dollars in your account you should be playing 10 dollars a day MAX! The way you divide that 10 up is you play 80 percent in cash games (double ups) and 20 percent in tournaments. So if you have a 100 dollars you play 10 dollars and from that 10, 8 goes into double ups and 2 goes into tournaments.


Next thing I want to explain is how you know how much you should play each. Now every slate is different, remember how I said the max you should play is 10 percent each day, that doesn’t mean you should play exactly that amount on every slate. The way I determine how much I am going to play each slate is by my rating system. For those of you who have been following me for a while you know I have a rating system that goes up to 3. Basically how it works is like this if I rate a slate a 1, it means you should play from 1-5 percent of your bankroll it’s not a really good slate. If I rate it a 2, that means its an average slate play around 6-8 percent of your bankroll. If it is rated a 3, the highest number than you should bet anywhere from 9-10 percent. I do this to give you guys an understanding of how much I like a slate so you know how to play. Know just because I rate a slate a 3 it doesn’t mean you have to play 10 percent of your bankroll, if you want to play less go ahead. DFS isn’t a get rich quick process, it takes time. My first year playing I played only quintuples and didn’t play proper bankroll management or join the correct contest. It wasn’t really until last year where I got the hang of it.


This is another key part you are probably wondering why can't I just join any double up or tournament does it make a difference? The truth is it does and it’s a big one. The first thing you need to know is when joining a cash contest you are looking for 2 things, that is has a lot of spots and THAT IT IS A SINGLE ENTRY CONTEST! What I mean by big contest for example is look at the NBA main Christmas slate, the first 5 dollar double up you see is a single entry contest with 2,758 spots. Those are the types you want to join because in smaller contest if you join one with 50 people, but 25 are using a providers lineup the cash line is going to be pushed a lot higher than the one with 2,758 people. Now if you are like me and you play a couple of hundred dollars a day it kinda stinks because for the 50 and 100 dollar contest the max spots are about 70-150 and a lot of them have the same people using the same lineup. Some days the people with the same lines lineups tend to flop, which helps, others not so much. That’s why I love NFL DFS because they have big 100 dollar, 50 dollar, and 250 dollar double ups and I just don’t get why they don’t implement it for NBA as well. As for tournaments, it's the same thing you only want to do single entry contest. The ones that have 150 max entries per person is bad because if you are only playing one lineup your chances of winning that contest or even finishing in a good spot are low because as they are called in the DFS industry “sharks” just max them out with 150 different lineups. That's why if you are playing the milly maker on Christmas, don’t be shocked if you see a lot of people tied at the top unless someone just randomly cores a guy like Jarde Dudley and he gets you 40 fantasy points on Christmas at 1 percent ownership.

*Overall I hope this article was helpful, if you want a monthly subscription to my sub page reply under the tweet where I tweeted out the article proof that you are a member of the bankrollszn site. This is just the first of many giveaways these next couple of days.