Draftkings PGA - AT&T Byron Nelson Top Plays and Strategy

Updated: May 11

Welcome! I hope everybody enjoys this first ever PGA DFS writeup heading into AT&T Byron Nelson this Thursday. This is a strategic advice column and for that reason I will not waste time going over general course details –here is a link if you are interested in that information. This is primarily GPP advice, specifically with regards to DK pricing. With that said, a lot of what you will read below is applicable to strategy on both DK and FD.

General approach:

  • I am a firm believer in making some stands every week. Eating all the chalk is not advised, nor is fading all of it.

  • Prices are important, but not as important as ownership. Being unique is more important than being correct.

  • There are many ways to get the job done, player pool size is a matter of preference. Mine varies week to week.

  • Player groupings/restrictions are essential within my strategic approach to PGA DFS, not just for NBA, NHL, NFL, LoL, and other DFS competitions.


I am guessing this is a regularly ignored tool for people that participate in PGA DFS. This may sound a bit oxymoronic as my personal views on this week are a bit different from my standard approach, but I will still pose the following hypothetical question: What are the chances that one of the most expensive players will be REQUIRED on the winning lineup? We could dive into the Vegas math, but let us save some time and trust that as expected, the answer is extremely likely. If any of those guys finish in the top three, or even top five, their probability of being required on the winning lineup is tremendous.