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Nets vs Warriors

  • NBA season is finally back, starting it off with the Brooklyn Nets and Golden Warriors. This game should be a fun one to watch, with superstar Kevin Durant making his debut for Brooklyn Nets. Let’s start off with the Warriors side of this game. Draymond Green has been ruled out, which means Eric Paschall makes for probably the best value play on the slate. With no Klay Thompson or Draymond in this game, Steph Curry is just too cheap, he is my favorite point guard to pay up for. Oubre and Wiggins are priced at the point where I would not play them in cash games, but I do like them for gpps. If I had to pick between the two I like Wiggins a lot more. The center spot is a really tricky one. Warriors will have a 3 man center rotation. Kevon Looney is projected starter, but I have no interest in him at 5.2k. Chriss at 4k makes for a great value play could see anywhere from 16-20 minutes and will probably share the court at times with one of Looney or Wiseman, since Paschall is the only real power forward they will have tomorrow. We have not seen Wiseman at all, but Kerr has noted that he’s looked great in practice. I would only target Wiseman in large gpps if you are looking for someone who is going to be low owned, but overall I would stay away from the Warrior centers besides Chriss. Now let's get to the Nets side. KD has looked phenomenal in preseason, looks like he hasn’t lost a step. At the price point however, I am not a huge fan. At that point I would rather go down to LeBron/Kawhi or spend up for AD. I also do not expect KD to play in the high 30s just because he’s coming off a gruesome injury, 33-35 minute range is more realistic. Kyrie at 8.5k is really cheap as well, he is my second favorite point guard behind Steph. If you can fit both in your lineups I say go for it. Prince and Harris make for good values. As for the Dinwiddie/Levert/Allen/Jordan range, it is a stay away for me at those perspective prices

Lakers vs Clippers

  • We end the night with the battle of LA, sucked that we did not get to see both these teams face off in the WCF, nonetheless this should be a good one. On the Lakers side I like both AD and LeBron, if I have to choose between one I favor LeBron more. 9.6k is way too cheap for LeBron and it saves you a bit of salary opposed to AD. I think Schroder is a fine play, but I prefer guys like Lou Will and Montrezz over him at that price. Outside Trezz, Bron, and AD I am not that big on the other Lakers. Clippers side Kawhi is a fine play as well, but if you don’t have LeBron in already I would just find the salary to spend up. Paul George at 7.8k is too cheap and for sure one of my favorite cash plays. Marcus Morris will be out for this game, which means Batum should draw the start at the 4. I am not a big fan of Batum, however I do like Kennard alot at his price. I think Kennard is the second best value option behind Paschall on the slate. Ibaka is my favorite center at his price, especially for cash games. Overall the Clippers make for my favorite team to target on opening night.

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