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NFL Rundown Week 2




Bills -1.5 (-130)

Colts +3 (+105)

Steelers/Seahawks o47 (-110)

(Was on Cowboys -4.5 & Browns -2 but both of those have moved drastically)

General Notes

  • Oakland will be mega chalk, I would not play more than 2. Could have negative game script for Josh Jacobs and have to pass more.

  • Don't be worried to go back to Lamar Jackson, the AZ defense is THAT bad.



Pat Mahomes

  • Mahomes has a passer rating of 116.1 with 576 yards, 6 touchdowns and 1 interception in 2 games against the Raiders in his career.

  • Points projection takes a hit without TYFREAK, but the Raiders lost Jonathan Abram

Josh Allen

  • Last week we saw how bad the Giants defense is when the let Dak Prescott throw up a gem (Perfect passer rating of 158.3).

  • With a combination of being cheep and his upside potential i'm willing to take a jab.

  • Hard to imagine that he turns the ball over 4 times (still got 20 points lmfao).

Lamar Jackson

  • Last week we witnessed Matt Stafford light up the Cardinals secondary for 385 yards and three touchdowns.

  • We saw the magic of Jackson 2 Brown last week and there is noting that indicates that Jackson can't light up this Patrick Peterson-less defense through the air on the ground.

Tom Brady

  • Brady has a passer rating of 92.1 with 7,700 yards, 63 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in 33 games versus the Dolphins in his career.